Friday, January 27, 2012

Ten Women Montana is having a TEA PARTY!

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Please join us for a 
Valentine Art and Tea 
Sunday, February 12, 2012
2:00pm until 5:00pm
Ten Women

1128 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, CA  90403

310 393-6254

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's In Ten Women Window?

Kara Taub, hand weaver extraordinaire has full attention in our window  
Kara has been an active member with Ten Women for quite a long time.  Her sweaters, scarves, hats and baby sets are sought after by faithful fans who purchase new designs for personal use and gift giving.
I witnessed a customer come in at Christmas one year and purchase a scarf for the 8 women in his office and one for his wife as well.  Made of quality materials and delicious color combinations, these items wear and last forever and never go out of style.  A sure bet gift for most on your list any time of the year.

Kara Taub received her training at the Middlesex University in England. After receiving her degree in Constructed Textiles in 1996 she established her own studio based weaving practice in London, which was then her home. Having moved back her native Los Angeles in November 2002, she continues to develop new ideas in fabric. In addition to producing her own ranges of wearable accessories and fabrics for the home, she undertakes commissions of woven art, ceremonial pieces, and industrial fabrics for private and commercial clients.
She has exhibited internationally including at Indigo in Paris, The Jewish Museum, New Designers, and Decorex in London, and The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester, UK. Her work has received recognition from Country Living magazine and she was a winner of the Liberty "One Off" craft competition sponsored by the UK retailer.

Kara's wonderful display inside the gallery
Choose between several styles of scarves and some with matching caps in a variety of color combinations
A lovely display ensemble

Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Second 2012 Featured Artist

Trace Palmer joined Ten Women when we were still located on Abbot Kinney.  We were about to close our doors at that location but she agreed to continue on with us whenever we found our new home and we are so glad she did.
Ten Women on Montana does not have a lot of jewelry artists and Trace's incredible hand blown glass jewelry with her special design and technique makes it that much easier to know we have a very special select few.

Without further ado, I introduce Trace Palmer in her own words...

About KarmaKulture

KarmaKulture Glass Jewelry is made by Irish designer and artist Trace Palmer.

Trace Palmer immigrated to the United States in 1996 from Belfast, Ireland. While living in Eugene, Oregon, she became inspired by the art of glass blowing. Trace began experimenting with the glass medium creating her own self-taught style. Her original handmade glass jewelry is combined with designed necklaces crafted with materials such as suede and leather, sterling silver, and semi-precious stone beaded necklaces.
Her KarmaKulture line also includes enchanting glass rings, glass earrings and glass bracelets. Palmer's unique contemporary glass jewelry is her interpretation of traditional Celtic mysticism.
Her glass jewelry designs have been worn by Sharon Stone in Cold Creek Manor and Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe characters in Friends. Other KarmaKulture-wearing celebrities include Hilary Duff, Pamela Anderson, Liza Minelli and Farah Fawcett.

The Process of creating Glass Jewelry

All glass pendants are made from PYREX glass, a very strong glass. They are melted on a torch and manipulated using the natural force of gravity without the use of moulds. Each pendant is individually, free-hand sculpted from a solid rod of clear glass.
The color glass is melted on the back to create the design and a background color is layered on last. The color glass is made from natural minerals including copper, silver, gold and cobalt.
When each piece is complete it is placed in the kiln overnight to anneal, which increases the strength of the glass by adhering the molecules together.

A fabulous featured look for one of Trace's popular hand blown glass shapes
Another sort after shape and design
An assortment of colors and designs in her wonderful line of necklaces
Beautiful bracelets and necklaces
Trace by her space at our Grand Opening Celebration

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year Featured Artist

Caroline Vidal is one of three new artists that have joined Ten Women on Montana since reopening in our new home.   I wanted to start the new year featuring someone new and because I do not know much about her art, I'll let Caroline tell about herself and what she creates in her own words...


Porcelain is synonymous of purity, softness, sensitivity and solidity. It requires precise technique and rigor in the elaboration of shapes. I throw my pots on an electric wheel, trim each pot several times in order to obtain thin delicate walls. I then bisque fire in an electric kiln followed by hand glazing of each pot with homemade glazes. The pots are stacked and high-fire in a gas kiln which is manually controlled allowing a lot of variations in the outcome of glazes. I look for refined and feminine shapes so that my cups, bowls, tea pots are both delicate and strong thanks to the solidity of high-fired porcelain clay. The noble whiteness of this clay allows me to elaborate a whole range of glazes that I mix with raw materials. As this “made in the USA” experience started less than a year ago, many new shapes and colors are emerging everyday.

I was born in France and was brought up in South East Asia. After graduating with a BS in Boston , I worked for 10 years in Japan and France in Industry. Ceramics started off as a hobby and it soon turned into a passion. So one day I decided to turn this passion into a career.

After a year of ceramic schooling at La Maison de la Ceramique in Mulhouse France, I set up my own studio in the Burgundy countryside in France. I elaborated and produced functional ware in red high-fired stoneware from 2001 to 2005.

In 2003 I opened a second studio in Paris France and thus shared my time between countryside and city life.

In 2005 I closed my 2 studios to follow my husband to Berlin Germany where I discovered porcelain.

In 2006 my husband and I moved to Santa Monica where we “made” our “masterpiece”: our son. I thus spent the next four years bringing him up as a full time Mum.

In January 2011 I set up my new studio in Venice. I decided to start where I left off in Berlin, namely with the magic of porcelain.

Caroline's space filled with her gorgeous porcelain creations
I'm sure Caroline's artistry can be appreciated through photos, but it is worth coming by the gallery to see her display up close and personal.  Each piece is very special indeed and make wonderful gifts.